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Like many great things, this group started out with a small group of folks who wanted more time on the pitch with other players who share a passion to play fun and competitive pick up games in NYC. We currently have thousands of members from all over the world. These people have come to live or visit NYC and are always hungry to enjoy playing time. We organize pick up soccer every week of the year. Our players are NYC working professionals, tourists, friends, colleagues, and much more.

Our goal is to bring together like-minded players who want to create a fun and competitive level of play. We pride ourselves on a foundation of respect and encouragement where our players are connected, on and off the pitch. Our players have all come to NYC from all parts of the globe. We encourage everyone to have fun and promote a clean and considerate style of play. We want everyone to count down the days to the next time they are on the pitch to play some quality football!

Have questions? Want to learn more? Feel free to get in touch!

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