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Welcome to Soccer Heights NYC! A destination to enjoy the beautiful game

Read all about us and browse around. Our goal is to be as welcoming as possible and provide a soccer haven for anyone who wants to enjoy a solid game of soccer.

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Soccer Heights NYC brings together a group of like-minded people who want to enjoy the beautiful game. We host pickup soccer every week of the year in New York City. Our goal is to create a fun and competitive level of play and build a community of players that enjoy playing every week of the year.

We have thousands of players registered who live and visit NYC. These players come from all over the world and bring with them their passion for the game. We pride ourselves on a foundation of respect and encouragement where our players are always connected, on and off the pitch.

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Ready to Play

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Whether you want to play one single game or purchase a group of single games, this is the right spot for you. All our single game events can be found on Meetup's website. Join our group and sign up. if you would like to buy a group games, more information can be found here.


Want to get a little more competitive and have a group of friends to bring with you? The league is the right fit. We book the best fields, hire quality referees, and provide oversight for all games. Our league is private and is usually reserved for players who we've vetted through our pick up. If you are interested in joining, reach out to us or come and play a pickup game.

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